Thrifty Terms & Conditions Canada

The below T&Cs (including prices and taxes) are provided by Thrifty and may change without notice to

This quote includes:

  • G.S.T.
  • Stamp duty,
  • Signified miles amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra mileage charge)
  • Vehicle Registration,
  • One way fees if applicable,
  • Airport taxes and surcharges if applicable,
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking, eg. Vehicle drop fees, all recovery fees, premium location fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.

This quote will not include

  • Fuel
  • Insurance (See next paragraph*)
  • Child Seats or booster seats (can be purchased after confirmation at around $11.00 to $13. 00 per seat, per day)
  • GPS $14.99* per day - GPS are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed.
  • Extra mile travel (if your rental is limited, the limit cannot be extended, $0.15)
  • Additional Driver Fees of $11.00* per driver per day.
  • The age surcharge, if 20 to 24 years of age (18 to 24 in Quebec) will have to pay an additional $30.00* per day
  • Any extras signed up for upon arrival, eg. Excess reductions.
  • All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges. Prices below are exclusive of these as they vary state to state.

* Important information about car rental insurance

For US citizens
Some US credit cards and personal car insurance policies do provide car rental insurance so please check with your credit card provider and personal auto insurance policy for details.

Terms and Conditions OR see Thrifty for further details

All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges. Prices below are exclusive of these as they vary state to state.


A valid driver's license in the customers own name must be presented at the time of pick up. 

Minimum age is 20 on most vehicles (18 in Quebec).

Renters must be 25 years of age to rent or drive Premium, Luxury, Minivans, SUVs, Convertibles and trucks.

Renters aged 20 to 24 (18 to 24 in Quebec) will be subject to an underage driver fee of 30.00CAD per day.

First time renters may be subject to an electronic verification of their driver's license at a fee of 2.99CAD per rental.

License Requirements

The vehicle may be driven only by an authorized driver. An authorized driver is the renter and any additional person who appears at the time of rental, and signs the rental agreement. All authorized drivers must satisfy our age requirements, have a valid driver's license, a major credit card in their own name, and fulfill our other qualifications, which vary by location. Employers and co-employees of renters renting on corporate rate plans, if properly licensed and meet our age requirements, are authorized to drive the Vehicle while acting within the scope of their employment duties. See our credit requirements below. The authorized driver and any additional authorized drivers may be subject to a driver record check (see below). No other persons are authorized to drive the vehicle.

Additional Authorized Drivers and Fees

Additional Drivers must qualify with a valid driver's license. There is an Additional Driver fee of 11.00CAD per day.

All additional authorized drivers are required to qualify to drive the vehicle. To qualify, THRIFTY requires all additional drivers, including spouses, to satisfy our minimum age requirements, have a valid drivers license, and pay an additional driver fee. However, the following additional drivers do not need to pay an additional driver fee as long as they meet our minimum age requirements and have a valid drivers license:

(1) government renters on official orders,

(2) corporate account customers on corporate rate plans, and

(3) drivers/companions of physically impaired customers.

The additional driver may also be subject to a driver record check and an underage driver's fee. (See below). Because the requirements vary by location, please refer to the location's own Terms and Conditions for specific information on additional driver fees at the location where you intend to rent.

Credit Qualifications/Requirements

A major credit card in the renter's own name must be presented at the time of pick up. Credit card authorizations will be taken at the time of rental for the estimated charges plus 20% with a minimum of 200.00CAD for cars. The small key ring credit cards are not accepted.

Prepaid credit cards, Debit cards and gift cards are not accepted in Canada.

Payment Policy - Debit Card

Debit cards may not be accepted in Canada except for payment at the end of rent. Once you have a confirmed booking email and we'll check it out for you.

Refueling Policy

Customers who do not purchase our refueling option must refill the vehicle within a 10 kilometer radius of the rental return facility and present a fuel receipt to avoid refueling charges.

Driving Restrictions

Unlimited kilometer rates, when available, are for the province from which you rented, and the bordering provinces or states. Vehicles taken outside of the province or bordering province or state will receive 200 kilometers per day and a charge of 0.25CAD per each additional kilometer. Vehicles are not permitted to travel into Alaska, the Yukon, the North West Territories, Nunavut or Mexico.

Note: Canadian customs and excise regulations prohibit Canadian residents from driving U.S. rental vehicles in Canada and returning to the U.S. 

Optional Equipment

  • Child Safety Seats: For an additional charge of around $11.00 to $13.00 plus local tax and surcharge, depending on THRIFTY location, infant, toddler, and child safety seats are available at many THRIFTY locations.
  • Global Positioning System: Many THRIFTY locations offer the Garmin GPS to your rental and get turn-by-turn directions, receive up-to-the-minute traffic information, play MP3's and audio books, and even make phone calls over the car's speakers., restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and tourist attractions. Rate per day is from $12.99 to $14.99 per day

GPS and child seats can be requested by emailing or easier still - reply to your confirmation email.


Some Thrifty location has a 100% non-smoking fleet. If we find any evidence of smoking, we will inform the customer of our discovery and of any cleaning fee assessment up to 250.00CAD.

Insurance Coverage offered by Thrifty

Please note:  These are offered by the supplier direct - at the car rental pickup or by contacting:

You may call 1-800-THRIFTY (847-4389) within the United States and Canada or 1-918-669-2168 outside the United States and Canada

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is optional at 28.99-31.99CAD per day and reduces responsibility to 500.00CAD for drivers aged 25 years and older, 1000.00CAD for drivers aged 21-24 years.

PP (Protection Plus) is optional at 10.99CAD per day.

Risk Eliminator (LDW and PP) is optional at 35.98-38.98CAD per day and reduces responsibility to ZERO for drivers aged 25 years and older, 500.00CAD for drivers aged 21-24 years.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) - This optional coverage is available at many Thrifty locations. If available and accepted at the beginning of the rental, for an additional daily charge, the renter and any additional renter will be protected against third party auto liability at-fault claims for up to $1,000,000 if you are involved in an accident with other people. Unlike LDW, there are no credit card waivers for liability for a third party's injury or property damage. You should make sure you are adequately covered for claims by third parties either by your own personal or business automobile policy or by the car rental company.

Personal Passenger Protection (PPP) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) - PPP is optional coverage available at most Thrifty offices and covers accidental death and accidental medical expenses for the renter who signs electing to be covered under the policy. PEI is an optional coverage that will protect the personal effects of the renter while in the rental car. Both coverages have specific limits. Full details can be found at the rental counter. Check with your insurance agent regarding your own insurance policies on accidental death or medical expenses, or refer to your homeowner's policy regarding theft of your property.

Protection Plus (PP) - In Canada, where available, if you purchase PP, it will provide limited benefits to the authorized driver and passengers of the vehicle during the rental for accidental medical expenses, ambulance expenses and accidental death, repatriation, legal defense, emergency road service and mechanical breakdown towing benefits, and loss to personal belongings if certain conditions are met.