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Thrifty Terms & Conditions Canada

The below T&Cs (including prices and taxes) are provided by Thrifty and may change without notice to VroomVroomVroom.ca.

This quote includes:

  • G.S.T.
  • Stamp duty,
  • Signified miles amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra mileage charge)
  • Vehicle Registration,
  • One way fees if applicable,
  • Airport taxes and surcharges if applicable,
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking, eg. Vehicle drop fees, all recovery fees, premium location fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.

This quote will not include

  • Fuel
  • Insurance (See next paragraph*)
  • Child Seats or booster seats (can be purchased after confirmation at around $11.00 to $13. 00 per seat, per day)
  • GPS $14.99* per day - GPS are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed.
  • Extra mile travel (if your rental is limited, the limit cannot be extended, $0.15)
  • Additional Driver Fees of $11.00* per driver per day.
  • The age surcharge, if 20 to 24 years of age (18 to 24 in Quebec) will have to pay an additional $30 - $60 CAD ​per day.​
  • Any extras signed up for upon arrival, eg. Excess reductions.
  • All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges. Prices below are exclusive of these as they vary state to state.

* Important information about car rental insurance

For US citizens
Some US credit cards and personal car insurance policies do provide car rental insurance so please check with your credit card provider and personal auto insurance policy for details.

Terms and Conditions OR see Thrifty for further details

All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges. Prices below are exclusive of these as they vary state to state.


A valid driver's license in the customers own name must be presented at the time of pick up.

Minimum age is 20 on most vehicles (18 in Quebec).

Renters must be 25 years of age to rent or drive Premium, Luxury, Minivans, SUVs, Convertibles and trucks.

Renters aged 20 to 24 (18 to 24 in Quebec) will be subject to an underage driver fee of $30 - $60 CAD ​per day.​

First time renters may be subject to an electronic verification of their driver's license at a fee of 2.99CAD per rental.

License Requirements

The vehicle may be driven only by an authorized driver. An authorized driver is the renter and any additional person who appears at the time of rental, and signs the rental agreement. All authorized drivers must satisfy our age requirements, have a valid driver's license, a major credit card in their own name, and fulfill our other qualifications, which vary by location. Employers and co-employees of renters renting on corporate rate plans, if properly licensed and meet our age requirements, are authorized to drive the Vehicle while acting within the scope of their employment duties. See our credit requirements below. The authorized driver and any additional authorized drivers may be subject to a driver record check (see below). No other persons are authorized to drive the vehicle.

Additional Authorized Drivers and Fees

Additional Drivers must qualify with a valid driver's license. There is an Additional Driver fee of 11.00CAD per day.

All additional authorized drivers are required to qualify to drive the vehicle. To qualify, THRIFTY requires all additional drivers, including spouses, to satisfy our minimum age requirements, have a valid drivers license, and pay an additional driver fee. However, the following additional drivers do not need to pay an additional driver fee as long as they meet our minimum age requirements and have a valid drivers license:

(1) government renters on official orders,

(2) corporate account customers on corporate rate plans, and

(3) drivers/companions of physically impaired customers.

The additional driver may also be subject to a driver record check and an underage driver's fee. (See below). Because the requirements vary by location, please refer to the location's own Terms and Conditions for specific information on additional driver fees at the location where you intend to rent.

Credit Qualifications/Requirements

A major credit card in the renter's own name must be presented at the time of pick up. Credit card authorizations will be taken at the time of rental for the estimated charges plus 20% with a minimum of 200.00CAD for cars. The small key ring credit cards are not accepted.

Prepaid credit cards, Debit cards and gift cards are not accepted in Canada.

Payment Policy - Debit Card

Debit cards may not be accepted in Canada except for payment at the end of rent. Once you have a confirmed booking email info@vroomvroomvroom.com and we'll check it out for you.

Refueling Policy

Customers who do not purchase our refueling option must refill the vehicle within a 10 kilometer radius of the rental return facility and present a fuel receipt to avoid refueling charges.

Driving Restrictions

Unlimited kilometer rates, when available, are for the province from which you rented, and the bordering provinces or states. Vehicles taken outside of the province or bordering province or state will receive 200 kilometers per day and a charge of 0.25CAD per each additional kilometer. Vehicles are not permitted to travel into Alaska, the Yukon, the North West Territories, Nunavut or Mexico.

Note: Canadian customs and excise regulations prohibit Canadian residents from driving U.S. rental vehicles in Canada and returning to the U.S.

Optional Equipment

  • Child Safety Seats: For an additional charge of around $11.00 to $13.00 plus local tax and surcharge, depending on THRIFTY location, infant, toddler, and child safety seats are available at many THRIFTY locations.
  • Global Positioning System: Many THRIFTY locations offer the Garmin GPS to your rental and get turn-by-turn directions, receive up-to-the-minute traffic information, play MP3's and audio books, and even make phone calls over the car's speakers., restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and tourist attractions. Rate per day is from $12.99 to $14.99 per day

GPS and child seats can be requested by emailing info@vroomvroomvroom.com or easier still - reply to your confirmation email.


Some Thrifty location has a 100% non-smoking fleet. If we find any evidence of smoking, we will inform the customer of our discovery and of any cleaning fee assessment up to 250.00CAD.

Drop Policy

Intercity Drop Charges Both Ways (In Canadian Dollars)

​Montreal & Calgary$750​
​Montreal & Halifax$502​
​Montreal & Quebec City$300*​
​Vancouver & Toronto$750​
​Vancouver & Halifax$750​​​
​Calgary & Toronto$750​​​​​
​Calgary & Halifax$750​​​​​​​
​Toronto & Halifax$502​
​Toronto & Ottawa$400*​
​Quebec City & Halifax$502​
Quebec City & Ottawa​$400​*
​Montreal & Ottawa$400​*
​Quebec City & Halifax$502​
​Toronto & Quebec City$300​
​Edmonton & Calgary$200​

Intercity Drop Charges Each Way (In Canadian Dollars)

​Calgary to Vancouver$400*​
​Vancouver to Calgary$150**
​Toronto to Montreal​$300
​Montreal to Toronto$150**​
​Edmonton to Vancouver$300​
​Vancouver to Edmonton$150**​

† All optional/additional and one-way charges are taxable

† All optional/additional and one-way charges are in Canadian Dollars

† All Optional/Additional Charges and Tax rates may vary from time to time by Province and by location

NOTE: All optional/additional and one-way charges are to be paid at the location of pick up and are subject to change without notice.

All cities include airport and downtown unless otherwise specified.

All intercity policies and fees are subject to change.

*Applicable to all bookings made between 7/1/2019 – 9/1/2019

** Rates will increase to $300 after 9/30/2019

Insurance Coverage offered by Thrifty

Please note: These are offered by the supplier direct - at the car rental pickup or by contacting:

You may call 1-800-THRIFTY (847-4389) within the United States and Canada or 1-918-669-2168 outside the United States and Canada

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is optional at 28.99-31.99CAD per day and reduces responsibility to 500.00CAD for drivers aged 25 years and older, 1000.00CAD for drivers aged 21-24 years.

PP (Protection Plus) is optional at 10.99CAD per day.

Risk Eliminator (LDW and PP) is optional at 35.98-38.98CAD per day and reduces responsibility to ZERO for drivers aged 25 years and older, 500.00CAD for drivers aged 21-24 years.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) - This optional coverage is available at many Thrifty locations. If available and accepted at the beginning of the rental, for an additional daily charge, the renter and any additional renter will be protected against third party auto liability at-fault claims for up to $1,000,000 if you are involved in an accident with other people. Unlike LDW, there are no credit card waivers for liability for a third party's injury or property damage. You should make sure you are adequately covered for claims by third parties either by your own personal or business automobile policy or by the car rental company.

Personal Passenger Protection (PPP) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) - PPP is optional coverage available at most Thrifty offices and covers accidental death and accidental medical expenses for the renter who signs electing to be covered under the policy. PEI is an optional coverage that will protect the personal effects of the renter while in the rental car. Both coverages have specific limits. Full details can be found at the rental counter. Check with your insurance agent regarding your own insurance policies on accidental death or medical expenses, or refer to your homeowner's policy regarding theft of your property.

Protection Plus (PP) - In Canada, where available, if you purchase PP, it will provide limited benefits to the authorized driver and passengers of the vehicle during the rental for accidental medical expenses, ambulance expenses and accidental death, repatriation, legal defense, emergency road service and mechanical breakdown towing benefits, and loss to personal belongings if certain conditions are met.

Thrifty Inbound Canada Tour Program (for international travelers only)

Additional Authorized Operator (AAO)

• Additional Authorized Operators (AAO) can be added to the Rental Record locally for $13.50 CAD per day and must be present with a valid driver's license. The Additional Authorized Operator (AAO) may not hold a Canadian driver's license.

• A maximum of 4 Additional Authorized Operators (AAO) can be added, or less if the number of seatbelts is less than 4.

Cashless Toll Roads/Bridges

• Customer is responsible for the charges resulting in the use of any cashless toll road or bridge (i.e. 407 ETR, or bridge i.e. Golden Ears Bridge).

Driver's License Requirements

• Rates are not valid for Canadian citizens or holders of a Canadian License.

• Renters, including additional drivers, must present a valid driver's license, a return airline ticket and voucher (Not all accounts have a voucherless programs). We do not accept a copy of license (must be original).

• Drivers must be at least 20 years of age.

• Change of Driver locally - should for any reason renter need to change the driver name at the counter, for reasons such as forgotten license or credit card, they must both be present, and the new renter must meet license requirements.

Driving restrictions - Cross Border Rentals

• In most cases, vehicles can be driven in any state in the contiguous United States and Canada.

• Vehicles are permitted to be taken onto ferries. However, if destination of ferry is to a site with gravel or unpaved roads, use of car is not permitted.

• Vehicles are not permitted to travel into Alaska, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Mexico.

• It is recommended to have PERS cover when using vehicle in cross border rentals for the USA and Canada.

• Please reference the Dollar & Thrifty Inbound Canada Drop and Intercity Policy Charts for specific intercity fees.

Disabled Drivers

Hand Controls:

o Hand Controls are devices, which attach to the gas and brake pedals of the vehicle, enabling a physically challenged person to drive the vehicle without using their legs. Select models of our vehicles can be adapted with left or right-Hand controls. These are provided free of charge.

o Hand Controls must be requested at the time of booking, so that the mechanics at the location can fit the Hand Controls to the vehicle for the customer, as it can take up to an hour to fit these controls onto a vehicle.

o Hand controls are available at airport locations only.

Steering Balls / Spinner Knobs:

o Steering Balls / Spinner Knob attaches to the steering wheel at specific clock position requested by client (sent at time of reservation).

o The majority of vehicles can be adapted with Steering Balls/Spinner Knobs and these are provided free of charge.

o Must be requested at the time of booking to include the clock position for the device, so that the mechanics at the location can fit in the correct position for the customer.

Disabled Driving Permits:

o Customers cannot use their own UK Disabled Parking Permit in Canada.

o Upon arrival customers should contact the applicable provincial parking authority to request a Canadian Disabled Parking Permit.

o Customers are responsible for all fines incurred during the rental, including any fines for parking in a disabled parking area without obtaining the appropriate Disabled Parking Permit.

Emergency Roadside Service (ERS)

• Basic Emergency Roadside Service for Dollar and Thrifty is included with every rental. This covers mechanical defects or breakdowns that can occur, when they occur within the approved driving area at no additional charge.

Extension of Rentals

• You must make a new reservation for the extension rental period. Customer will need to return to location to renew contract.

GPS/Satellite Navigation

• All Locations will have either Neverlost Magellan or NeverLost® Navigator+, not both devices. Neverlost Magellan's are not available at NeverLost® Navigator+. locations.

o Customers will not be able to upgrade from Neverlost Magellan to NeverLost® Navigator+ because a rental location will only have one unit or the other, not both.

o All other locations will offer the Neverlost Magellan portable GPS.

• Missing accessories or broken/lost/stolen units will be the responsibility of the renter and will be charged at the current replacement rates

• Customers may also purchase GPS inclusive rates.

• Please reference the NeverLost Navigator+ Dollar & Thrifty locations lists (see Appendix). Location list is subject to change.

NeverLost® Navigator +:

• NeverLost® Navigator+ will retail for a fee of $16.99 CAD per day with a 14-day maximum per month.

• Customers can buy 60 phone credits on the device for $8.95 CAD per day.

• Customers can buy the unlimited data that can serve as a hotspot for up to 2 devices for $5.95 CAD per day.

• Customers will pay our 3rd party vendor directly.

• Toronto Airport will be the only airport in Canada to offer the NeverLost® Navigator+ product.

NeverLost® Magellan:

• Retails for a fee of $14.99 CAD per day with a 14-day maximum per month.

TravelTab Adventurer:

• Retail for a fee of $23.99 CAD per day with no maximum days.

• TravelTab Adventurer will only be at locations with NeverLost® Navigator+.

• Customers will get 60 phone credits per day (30 international minutes or 60 domestic minutes); plus unlimited data that can serve as a hotspot for up to 5 devices.

• The following airport locations will offer the TravelTab Adventurer: YUL – Montreal, YYC – Calgary, YYZ – Toronto, YVR – Vancouver, YHZ – Halifax.

Grace Period and Maximum Rental Duration

• A rental day consists of 24 consecutive hours, each day starting at the time of the rental. Extra charges will apply when the rental exceeds a 24-hour period. The customer will be charged at local rates for the extra time.

• Tour Operators will be charged for the number of days booked, irrespective of the number of days the customer actually rents. If the client returns the car early, the Tour Operator will still be charged at the number of days reserved. Exceptions, such as medical emergencies, death in family, etc., will be handled subsequently by Customer Relations.

• Rental periods cannot exceed 62 days. If a rental is in excess of 62 days, additional reservations are necessary to accommodate the total number of days. The number of days reserved for each reservation may be split up as necessary, as long as no one reservation exceeds 62 days. The rental agreement must be renewed at a participating location and therefore client must return to location to do so.

• For example, a 70-day rental may be booked on a reservation of 62 days and one of 8 days or may be booked on a reservation of 40 days and 30 days. Additional reservations/voucher are required for each rental period, which must be presented at the counter for renewal of the rental record prior to the 63rd day (or whatever day rental has been split to). If the vehicle is returned to a location other than the original renting location, drop off charges may apply.

Infant/Toddler/Booster Child Seats

• The daily charge is $13.99 CAD per day, maximum of $98.00 CAD per rental plus taxes and fees.

• Dollar and Thrifty (all brands) require customers to install the child seats themselves.

• Customers are also permitted to use their own car seats.

Fuel Purchase Option (FPO) - Fuel policy

• Client may purchase a tank of fuel at the time of rental at a local competitive price, which eliminates the need for client to refill before returning.

• For packages with Fuel included renters should return vehicle empty. There is no credit for unused fuel.

• Vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel, there is no refund for unused fuel. If client has not accepted the FPO they can return the vehicle with a full tank and must show a gas receipt within 10 kilometres of the return location.

• If you choose to skip the pump, we'll refuel for you. The Renter is responsible for all fuel used, therefore a refuelling fee will apply for any amount of fuel not replaced at the time of return based on the amount of kilometres driven or the amount of litres required to refuel the vehicle times the Refuelling rate as stated on the Rental Agreement. To use this option just return with less fuel than when you started.

Mileage Charge

• Unlimited mileage applies to all vehicle rentals.

Required Deposits

• Customer must present a valid credit card in the name of the renter. Debit cheque cards, prepaid credit cards and gift cards, and the small key ring credit cards are not accepted. Cash deposits are not accepted.

• Financial Policy: A major credit card in the renter's own name must be presented at the time of pick up. At the time of rental, an authorization hold will be secured on the credit card for the estimated amount of all charges plus 20% or a minimum of $200.00 CAD. These funds will not be available for your use. If authorization for the estimated charges cannot be obtained the rental will be denied.

• All rentals are subject to meeting license requirements.

• Optional Items such as - child seats, satellite navigation (Garmin GPS, Travel Tabs), optional coverages, additional drivers, one-way drop-off charges are payable upon arrival and are subject to local taxes and fees (see further sections for applicable charges).

Ski Racks

• Ski Racks are subject to availability in ski areas of Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. Locations request 24-hour advance-notice.

• Ski racks retail at $14.00 CAD per day with a maximum of $98.00 CAD per rental.

• A $75.00 CND replacement fee will be charged if equipment is damaged or not returned over and above rental fee.

• Ski Racks are available at Calgary International Airport (YYC) for car classes: F, L, R, T and T6.

• Ski Racks are available on all rental vehicles at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), except car class A and Prestige vehicles.

• Ski Racks are available at Montreal International Airport (YUL) for car classes: F, L, R, T and T6.

• The customer will be charged the local daily rate, plus a $12.00 CAD (up to a maximum of $60.00 CAD or 5 days) daily fee if they extend their rental beyond 12 hours of the return date/time and does not notify Hertz by calling 1-800-654-4174.

• The agents will be able to adjust the Rental Agreement and inform the client of any rate changes and applicable fees, which will be at the local daily rate.

• Early return – there is no refund for unused days.


• Renters may upgrade to another class of vehicle at the time of rental (subject to availability).

• Upgrades are based on supply and demand and renter shall pay directly to Company all charges for such upgrades.

Underage Drivers

• The minimum age for all renters is 20. An Age Differential charge of $15.00 CAD per day applies for ages 20 – 24.​

• Note: Some vehicle class restrictions on tour rates may apply - Please check with reservations.  

• In the Province of Quebec,  the minimum rental age is 18 with an age differential charge of $15.00 CAD per day.oIn the province of Quebec, 18 to 19-year-old renters are restricted to car groups Economy up to Full-size only (A – F)​

Winterized Vehicles

• Winter rated tires are optional subject to availability at airport counters across Canada (excluding Quebec) and are not included with any Pre-paid or Tour Voucher as part of “Winterization”.

• The charge for the option is $20.00 CAD per day on Economy to Full Size vehicles, Premium and up are $25.00 CAN per day. No maximum limit.

• In the province of Quebec, all vehicle fleet are required to be equipped with Winter Tires by law during the period of December 15th to March 15th. All contracts originating from the province incur a daily Tire Management Fee of $2.81 CAD per day. This is a year-round fee.

• Winter Tires are not required on roadways in the City of Vancouver, or on the Lower Mainland highways, but are required on the Sea-to-Sky, as well as routes north and east of Hope, and on many major highways in the British Columbia Interior and northern regions.

• All vehicles during this period will come equipped with M+S tires as standard in this region. Only commercial vehicles greater than 27,000 GVW must carry chains along these routes, but trucks between 5,500 kg and 27,000 kg GVW may use M+S or mountain/snowflake tires in lieu of chains, if available.

• During the Winter season, all vehicles include an ice scraper/snow brush free of charge.

Taxes and Fees

• Government surcharges, taxes, tax reimbursement and optional items such as refueling or additional driver's fees are payable to Dollar / Thrifty at time of rental, unless specifically included and noted in the rates. All taxes and other fees are subject to change without notice.

• Even if stated as included in the net rate, extra charges including but not limited to concession recovery fee and state tax may apply to any additional items purchased at the counter or any extra charges incurred by the rental at time of drop off.

• Luxury Tax:

o This tax is only applicable in British Columbia on Car Class G & I and ranges from 1-3% depending on the vehicle value.

• Provincial Sales Tax (PST) & Goods and Services Tax (GST):

o Provincial Sales Tax varies by Province. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is used in certain provinces to combine the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) into a single, blended, sales tax. See chart below. Correct at time of printing, October 01, 2016.

o Note: Please take into consideration the values below are for informational purposes only and they may vary by location.

List of Taxes, Fees and other charges consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

Tax Rates per Province/ Territory

Province/ TerritoryTypeGST(%)PST(%)HST(%)
British ColumbiaGST + PST5%70
ManitobaGST + PST5%80
New BrunswickHST0015%
Newfoundland and LabradorHST0013%
Northwest TerritoriesGST5%00
Nova ScotiaHST0015%
Prince Edward IslandHST0014%
QuebecQGST + QST5%9.9750
SaskatchewanGST + PST5%50

• Concession Fee Recovery (CFR) Or Concession Pass through Fee:

o This fee is to reimburse Dollar/Thrifty for concession fee recovery required to operate at airports and other locations. This fee varies by location and is charged for each rental.

Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF):

o This fee is for Dollar / Thrifty's recovery of the proportionate amount of the vehicle licensing fees applicable to the rental. VLF is levied to all customers at all Canadian locations and varies by city.

Air Conditioning Surcharge (Ac Fee):

o Vehicle manufacturers pay a federal excise tax on all Air Conditioners installed in vehicles and pass this cost on to Dollar/Thrifty. The Air Conditioner Surcharge is Dollar / Thrifty's recovery of this fee.

Energy Surcharge:

o Separate and apart from the costs of fueling rental vehicles, energy costs represent a substantial portion of Dollar/Thrifty operating expenses. To offset the significant costs of utility charges, bus fuel, oil and grease, and related costs, Dollar/Thrifty is separately imposing an Energy Surcharge. This charge is not intended to reflect a precise measure of Dollar/Thrifty's actual energy costs incurred to serve a particular customer.

Customer Facility Charges (CFC):

o A bylaw has been issued which states that every person that enters into a rental agreement with an on-airport operator to rent shall pay to the Calgary airport a daily 'Customer Facility Charge.

o Note: This fee does not apply as an extra charge to programs that are already inclusive of mandatory fees.

Waivers and Insurance

• When the rental vehicle is used in accordance with all the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, Dollar/Thrifty provides the standard provisions of a basic automobile liability insurance policy, coverage of at least minimum provincial statutory limits for bodily injury or death and property damage for the customer's legal liability to others including passengers.

• Liability Protection up to a combined single limit of $1,000,000 CAD per accident for bodily injury or property damage is included on a primary basis (i.e. Dollar/Thrifty' Primary Liability Protection will respond first to claims by third parties for bodily injury and/or property damage before any applicable insurance which the customer, authorized operator, or additional authorized operator may have). However, where permitted by applicable law, the protection described above will be secondary to the customer's insurance and the insurance of the operator of the car.

• For complete details of available protection plans - refer to the Dollar / Thrifty “Peace of Mind Options” brochure available at Dollar / Thrifty Rental Counters.

Damage Deductible Waiver (DDW):

• DDW is available on Tour rentals or LDW inclusive rates in Canada only.

• DDW removes the customer's responsibility for the deductible when renting on a tour or when an inclusive rate that includes LDW with a deductible.

• DDW only applies to the days covered by the tour or LDW inclusive rate and will terminate if the customer keeps the vehicle beyond the tour or rate period.

• $11.99 CAD per day, ($8.99 per day for Underage Renters) covers the damage waiver up to $500 CAD.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW):

• LDW is an optional service that holds the renter or authorized driver's responsible only for the deductible amount, if any, for loss of or damage to the rental vehicle, if the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental contract. If LDW is not purchased, the renter will be responsible regardless of fault for the full value of the vehicle at the time of rental, less its salvage value, plus expenses for towing, storage, impound fees, an administrative charge, and a reasonable charge for loss of use.

• LDW may be included in some Tour Rates, consult with your Travel Agent or Tour Operator for details. If LDW is included in the Tour Rate the standard deductible is $500.00. To reduce the deductible to $0.00, a Deductible Waiver (DDW) may then be purchased at the counter at time of rental.

• If LDW is not included in the Tour Rate, LDW may be purchased at the counter at time of rental. The cost of LDW may vary depending upon car type.

Premium Emergency Roadside Service (PERS):

• Premium Emergency Roadside Service (PERS) covers costs for services required to remedy the following customer induced problems or problems resulting from an accident / collision, or any problem occurring outside the approved driving area, however are passed on to the customer, as following: Keys locked in the Car, Lost Key Service, Left Lights On/Dead Battery, Out of Gas Service, Spare Tire Mounting Service and more. For full list of benefits please inquire at time of rental. PERS can be purchased at the counter for $8.99 CND per day.

• It also covers travel interruption reimbursements up to $1000.00 CAD for certain expenses incurred when a vehicle has been involved in collision.

• Cost is $8.99 CAD per day plus taxes and fees.

• This towing and support service is country specific so would only include coverage when travelling within the US or Canada.

Personal Accident Insurance:

• Allows customer to elect accidental death and accident medical expense coverage for renter and passengers during the rental period of the vehicle. If this coverage is accepted at a price of approximately $7.95 CAD per day, the benefits for the renter will apply to all accidental injuries during the rental period, the renter is covered in or out of the rental vehicle. Passenger(s) are covered while entering, exiting, or occupying the rental vehicle.

PAI Coverage:

Benefits Schedule *RenterEach Passenger
Accidental Death$100,000 CAD$10,000 CAD

o Total Benefit for any one accident is limited to $250,000 CAD.

o Please Note: PAI & PEC is not available at any Quebec and Alberta locations.

Personal Effects Coverage (P&C):

• PEC is an option that insures against risk of loss or damage to help protect customer's personal belongings while renting from Dollar / Thrifty. PEC insurance coverage includes those personal effects owned by customer and those members of his or her immediate family traveling with customer during the rental who are permanent residents of the customer's household. PEC does not extend to non-family members traveling with customer.

• PEC Coverage Limits:

o The maximum coverage for each covered individual during the rental period is $500 after a deductible of $25 is applied. The maximum coverage for all individuals during the rental period is $1,500 involving a maximum of 3 occupants of the car after application of the deductible.

o In the event any claims are made under the Policy, coverage for succeeding claims during the same rental will be reduced by the amount of the claim paid.

• Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) & Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) – Must be purchased together