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Why book a car rental with VroomVroomVroom?

  • $0 booking and cancellation fees - No need to worry about paying extra charges since we don't have any booking and cancellation fees. 
  • Unlimited miles with your rental car unless otherwise stated.
  • Our Price Promise guarantee means we will send you cash for the difference plus $20 if you find a cheaper price.
  • Quick and Easy - With our fast and easy car hire booking system, you can have a rental car completely booked and confirmed within two minutes.
  • We Negotiate Deals with the car rental companies every day, so you don't have to waste time negotiating yourself.
  • Reliable rental cars because we only offer deals from trusted suppliers. They always make sure that their vehicles are in perfect condition and they often change their fleet of cars as well. 

How to book a rental car in Canada in less than two minutes!

Dreaming of holiday destinations in USA and Australia? 

Plan your next adventure in some of the best tourist destinations in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. There are many attractions to see and do in this country. VroomVroomVroom offers a comprehensive comparison on the price of car hire to help travelers get the cheapest prices all across Australia. If you are looking for airport rental, check out our Sydney Airport, Brisbane Airport, and Melbourne Airport car hire page to find more information. If you want to visit the United States, there are many popular tourists destinations to choose from. Los Angeles also called as the City of Dreams is one of the top-rated places to visit  for tourists. If you are looking for airport car rental, check out our Los Angeles Airport car rental page to get more information.

Travel Blog to Inspire and Educate the Happy Traveller in all of us!

What would you like to learn about when hiring a car? Maybe the way you pronounce certain car makes? Or perhaps you want to see what it is like to be a Travel Blogger! We have some cool, inspiring and pretty darn hilarious posts on our Car Rental Travel Blog
(Ferrari pronounced - FUR-RAH-REE)

Terms and Conditions

We understand that these words can bring about stress and uncertainty. With that in mind we still want to make it clear that reading your Terms and Conditions is extremely important.   

  • WHY - Because you can learn how to avoid extra fees. You can also work out if you have questions regarding the car rental contract before collecting the vehicle.
  • HOW - You will find the TnC's throughout the booking process. If you find it difficult to locate them, simply ask our Customer Service Team for assistance. Click Here to view them as well. (Remember each supplier will have different TnC's)
  • WHEN - Make sure you fully understand what you are signing for before collecting the hire car.
  • WHAT if you still have questions? Please contact our customer service team to have them resolved.

Customer Service

Not convinced we know the car rental industry like the back of our hands? Well we sent a Vroomster along with the ABC show 'Nightline on the Lookout' and he was able to provide helpful tips to saving time and money when booking a hire car. Check it out! You will be impressed.

Why Book in Advance?

Although you can book a car at anytime - we have a little secret to help you save more money. The car rental industry relies on supply and demand. Therefore, when there are a few vehicles to choose from, the rates should be lower. If you wait till the last minute, sometimes suppliers are able to increase the daily rates as the supply available is low and the demand is high. This is particularly evident during major holiday periods.

Do You Need to Contact Us?

We are always here to help. Even our email address shows that - Simply contact us to have all of your concerns put to rest. If you need to cancel or modify, contact us at anytime.

Is VroomVroomVroom really better than booking directly?

The answer is "YES!"

The more in depth answer is not long winded either. It is a simple concept. You don't have to visit a number of websites to find out the best car rental rate. VroomVroomVroom does all the work for you and displays all available hire cars on a nice Results Page. All you have to do is choose which one will best you. Read the TnC's and go to the supplier to collect your car. It's technically not magical, however, it is impressive!

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