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If you're going to be in Québec City on vacation or for business, you should use VroomVroomVroom to book a car rental, because there are many benefits of doing so. Dozens of Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz cars, trucks, and SUVs are booked for Québec City every day, directly through us!

Québec is the capital and the second largest city in its province, and is home to over 500 thousand Canadians (as well as another 250 thousand-plus in its outlying areas). Only Montreal has a bigger population in the province of Québec! 

What makes us the best choice?

We are the experts in booking affordable car rentals in Québec City, the province of Quebec, and all across Canada! You should book with us because...

  1. You can save money when you compare rates from the best car rental providers in Quebec City! Also, it takes much less time at VroomVroomVroom than comparing rental car websites one-by-one!
  2. There are no booking and modification fees. 
  3. You can also cancel for free as long as you do it 48 hours prior your pickup. 
  4. When you book with us, your personal info is protected by high SSL encryption.

Driving tips in Quebec

You'll have the freedom to travel wherever you want, and to arrive and leave whenever you choose! Did you know it's only a 2.5 hour drive from Québec City in your rental car to the amazing metropolis of Montreal? The entire province is yours to explore with your car rental! You may also check out our location pages for options on your next vacation. 

Québec City dates all the way back to 16th century settlements, making it one of the oldest surviving European settlements on the entire continent! After forming the Province of Canada in 1840, the capital city was moved several times – between Toronto, Québec City, OttawaMontreal and Kingston – before it eventually became Ottawa.

If you're traveling to Québec City, you probably already know that most residents are native French-speakers. Today, native English-speakers make up less than 2% of the area's population. (Don't worry too much, though –about 1/3 of the city French-speakers are bilingual and can communicate in English!) If you're in town when the city holds its Quebec Winter Carnival, you'll find more English-speakers as you explore the city in your affordable car rental. This is due to the huge numbers of both English- and French-speaking tourists.

When you're in Québec City, there are many architectural and cultural attractions to explore. Get into your car rental and get going – you simply must see the famed Château Frontenac hotel! Other top attractions include the Musée de la civilisation (Museum of Civilization), the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec), and the National Assembly of Quebec, which is the legislative body for the province.

Popular Tourist Attractions to See in Quebec

The Petit Champlain Historic District is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Quebec City. Many people visit the location each year, as it includes a variety of attractions and opportunities suitable for all ages and tastes. The Rue du Petit-Champlain Mural is the landmark of the district. The Breakneck Stairs are also located here and are one of the favorite locations for photographic memories, meetings and street art developments.

The Museum of Civilization is located in Quebec City. The cultural and educational venue opened in 1984 and focuses on the category of humanities collections. The artifacts included in the museum will provide you with a global perspective on the evolution of humankind and with a lot of interesting facts about our ancestors. The Discovery Zone of the museum includes a cafeteria, a leisure room, boutiques and children programs.

The Winter Carnival is one of the valued celebrations of Quebec City. Each year, the carnival starts in the first day of February and lasts for around two weeks. There are numerous events taking place during the celebration. The focus is based on activities related to snow and ice, such as ice-sculpture contests. It is a great moment to visit the region with your family and have lots of fun at the events. In addition to all the winter related games and contests, you will enjoy good food, hot drinks, concerts and shows.

Popular Restaurants to Eat 

Where should you eat a nice lunch or dinner in Québec City? Your options are both exquisitely tasty and widely-varied, and your booked car rental gives you the freedom to go to any of the top restaurants whenever they're open!

The best reviewed restaurant in Québec City is Le Continental, and its French cuisine is excellent -- local reviewers rave about its duck l'orange! Please be advised that you could easily spend a hundred dollars per person at this fine establishment. Other, less-pricey (but still high-end) French restaurants in this city are Le Saint-Amour, and Restaurant La Cremaillere.

Aux Anciens Canadiens is a top restaurant in Quebec City. If you want to have a true Canadian experience and to enjoy your vacation in a great way, you must have you meals here, for the perfect and unique Canadian touch. The menus are rich in all sorts of special dishes, prepared with tasty ingredients.

A great place for lunch is La Galette Libanaise, located at 641 Grande-Allee est in Quebec City. This small, charming restaurant is best for takeout, but there is some limited outdoor seating in a small courtyard between two buildings. Try the gallettes, they're outstanding! La Galette Libanaise is totally worth a visit, and the prices are reasonable so you can eat a wonderful lunch for around $10!

Another great place in Québec City to eat is Sushi Taxi, and the staff of Sushi Taxi also delivers (within a limited area) to offices and businesses. So if you're looking for a catered lunch for your meeting or workday while in Québec City, you could use your affordable car rental to pick up an order, or just have Sushi Taxi deliver! Your co-workers or clients are sure to be impressed with this top-ranked fresh sushi!
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Top depots in Quebec City
  • Hertz Cote Du Palais Car RentalHertz Cote Du Palais - 44 Cote Du Palais, Quebec City, QC. G1R 4H8
  • Avis Boul Hamel Car RentalAvis Boul Hamel - 1110 Boulevard Wilfrid Hamel, Quebec City, QC. G1M 2S4
  • Budget Quebec Hilton Car RentalBudget Quebec Hilton - 1100 Boulevard Rene Levesque, Quebec City, QC. G1R 5V2
  • Enterprise Pierre Bertrand Car RentalEnterprise Pierre Bertrand - 745, Rue Pierre-Bertrand, Vanier, QC. G1M2E7
  • Budget Quebec City Car RentalBudget Quebec City - 1110 Boulevard Wilfrid Hamel, Quebec City, QC. G1M 2S4
  • Avis Quebec Hilton Car RentalAvis Quebec Hilton - 1100 Blvd Rene Levesque Est, Quebec City, QC. G1R 5V2
  • Enterprise Delta Quebec Car RentalEnterprise Delta Quebec - 690 Boul. Rene-Levesque Est, Quebec, QC. G1R5A8
  • Avis Hamel Off Airport Car RentalAvis Hamel Off Airport - 7115 Boulevard Wilfrid Hamel, Quebec City, QC. G2G 1B6
  • Enterprise Charest Car RentalEnterprise Charest - 1425 Rue Frank-Carrel, Quebec, QC. G1N4N7
  • Avis Auberge Quebec Car RentalAvis Auberge Quebec - 3055 Boulevard Lauriere, Quebec City, QC. G1V 4X2