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Adore St. Laurent and the rest of Canada with a reliable and cheap rental car

St. Laurent is a borough located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. St. Laurent was founded in 1720 as the Parish of Saint-Laurent. It is a mixed ethnically area and is famous for its attractions and natural beauties. St. Laurent is also a place known for its great food, so it is highly recommended for a vacation.

Top Attractions within St. Laurent

East Side Mario's Cote-Vertu is located in St. Laurent and is a family restaurant. It is an Italian cuisine restaurant and the food served here is absolutely amazing. From hot Italian pizza, to pasta and seafood, this restaurant is absolutely amazing. The salads and the drinks are also fresh and very tasty. Kids can enjpy a dish form the various and special menu for them. Many families enjoy the food here as the ambiance is great, the staff is friendly and effective, the prices are reasonable and the parking area is large enough for all the people who come here.

Boulevard Saint-Laurent is located right in the heart of St. Laurent and is a shopping area, providing a variety of products. The area is also filled with boutiques and restaurants.The boulevard is one of the most famous spots in the area. It represents a great place in Saint-Laurent to byt souvenirs, clothing and anything else that tourists may need. The atmosphere is great, being also an opportunity to admire the architecture of the numerous buildings. Parking areas are also available.

Saint-Laurent Art Museum is a wonderful attraction that is worth visiting. The museum is located in a neo-Gothic church and is home to a wonderful and impressive collection of ethnographic specimens, displays, craftsmen techniques, tools, as well as religious sculptures. It looks amazing and all exhibits are very interesting. Visitors have the opportunity to admire very old things and understand better the past and the history of this place. It will be a recreational, but also an educational experience in Saint-Laurent.

St Laurent Car RentalSt Laurent
St Laurent,QuebecCanada
Top depots in St Laurent
  • Enterprise Ville Saint-Laurent Car RentalEnterprise Ville Saint-Laurent - 1240 Marcel Laurin, Saint-Laurent, QC. H4R1J7
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