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Need help with your car rental? Phone: 1888-463-8946
Need help with your car rental?
Phone: 1888-463-8946

Additional Charges

additional charges

When you rent a car, there are additional charges that may be added onto the price of your booking. VroomVroomVroom shows you a list of additional charges and what this means for you when you rental a car. 

Protection products

For customers traveling to Canada, it is recommended to purchase protection in order to reduce your financial liability. You can purchase Liability Protection that covers you for any damage inflicted on others, Personal Accident Insurance to cover any medical expenses and Personal Effects Coverage for any theft or damage of personal property. You can purchase these products online or over the counter. By doing this, you will have peace of mind that you will not be charged for any damage made to the car. 

Additional drivers

You can add any additional drivers when you get to the car rental counter. Any drivers will need to be present when picking up the car and will need to show their driver's licence and sign the car rental agreement. If you are a renter's spouse, partner, employee or employer you may not be charged an additional drivers fee.

Kilometers limits

If your car rental has a kilometer limit, you will be charged for any distance exceeding this limit. When you book your rental car you will be able to see if there is a kilometer limit and what it means for you and your travel plans. For example is there is a kilometer limit of 100km per rental day and you rental the vehicle for 5 days, you can not exceed 500km in the rental period, otherwise you will be charged. 


You will be charged for any extras that you add to your car rental booking including, a GPS, child seat, snow equipment etc. Extras will also include additional percentage taxes and surcharges as well. To avoid paying for extras, you can bring your own GPS or child seat instead. 

One way fee

Are you planning to pick up your rental in one location and drop it off in another? You may be charged a one way fee. To avoid this, pick up your car hire and return it in the same location. Sometimes car rental companies will promote amazing car rental deals where you can pick up your rental in one place and drop it off somewhere else for a discounted price. Keep an eye on the rates and see if you come across one. 

Tolls and fines 

You will be responsible to pay for any tolls or fines that you encounter of your journey. In order to avoid this make sure to avoid toll roads and stick to the speed limit. 


If you damage the vehicle while it is in your possession, you will need to pay the cost to fix it, up to the capped excess amount. You can purchase insurance to avoid having to pay for the damage. 

Late return fees 

You are allowed a 29 minute grace period when returning your vehicle. If you return the vehicle past this time you will be charged late return fees and may even need to pay for another full days rental. 

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 For example:

Jane wants to drive from Vancouver to Calgary  

Jane made a reservation for a rental car with VroomVroomVroom. The rental car she booked came with a kilometer limit of 100km per day. She booked her car rental for 14 days meaning that if Jane travels over 1400 km she will be charged for any extra kilometers over the specified limit.  Her trip ended up being less than 1400 km and she didn't need to pay any additional charges.