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Cap Mux Meules, meaning “Grindstone” in English, is an unincorporated community. Cap Mux Meules is located on the Magdalen Islands, in the Quebec region of Canada. Cap Mux Meules is administered by the Les-Illes-de-la-Madeleine Regional County Municipality, the institution responsible for the whole area. 

The name of the city comes from a headland on the island. Cap Mux Meules is a small community, but it is an important fishing harbor and a busy ferry port. Cap Mux Meules is the perfect place to relax, because it is an intimate area where there is little chance that someone will bother you. This place is perfect for a few days of relaxation and leisure. The locals are very friendly and the attractions within Cap Mux Meules or near it are very interesting.

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Top Attractions within Cap Mux Meules

Group CTMA Ferry is perfect if you need a ride in order to see the island in all its splendor. You can pick out between several plans of cruises the one that fits you best. If you are interested, you can even choose one for more days, so you can make sure you admire all the area of Cap Mux Meules. The food on the boat is great and the music is tranquil, helping you enjoy the beautiful city views of Cap Mux Meules and of the surrounding areas.

Dune du Nord Pointe is a beautiful beach of Cap Mux Meules that you can only admire. This is not a swimming beach, because the currents are very strong. Because of the impressive waves, this is a Cap Mux Meules location where there are always photographs trying to immortalize the amazing scenery.

De la Martinique Beach is a lovely area of Cap Mux Meules where you can swim and sunbathe. This beach is a hot spot of Cap Mux Meules and a very important family attraction of this small community. The landscape of this Cap Mux Meules attraction is exquisite.