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Book a Cheap Car Rental in Sherbrooke to Enjoy Huge Savings

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Sherbrooke is a city of over 150 thousand Canadians, located where the Magog River and Saint-Francois River join together in southern Quebec. Its name honors a 19th century British soldier and Governor General of what is now Canada, Sir John Coape Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke is the most important city of Quebec's Estrie administrative region.

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Here's more useful information about Sherbrooke, Quebec

Sherbrooke is a university centre of Southern Quebec, with eight higher learning institutions with 40 thousand students. In fact, in Sherbrooke over 10 percent of the local population is college students. So when you drive around this city in your car rental, don't be surprised to see many backpacks and textbooks being carried on the sidewalks near several campuses! Sherbrooke is also an economic center for Quebec, with manufacturing and service sector businesses being keys to its economic strength.

If you're in Sherbrooke for vacation or to visit friends or family, your car rental will allow you all the freedom you need to explore this beautiful city! You could drive your rental car to many cultural attractions, foremost of these is likely the Maurice O'Bready University Cultural Centre of Sherbrooke – check out a theatre, ballet or musical performance there! Similarly, the Centennial Theatre of Bishop's University hosts music and dance troupes from around the globe. You might also choose to spend an afternoon visiting one of the city's amazing museums. Hop in your rental and head to the Centre d'interpretation de l'histoire de Sherbrooke, or to Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum, or perhaps the art gallery at the Centre Culturel of Sherbrooke University – all three are among the very best local attractions!

Other sites to visit when you're in Sherbrooke include Saint Benedict Abbey, an inspiring, peaceful and uplifting religious site. Or for one of nature's wonders, drive your affordable car rental over to Magog River Gorge, where visitors can safely walk along the impressive gorge! And if you want to try something different, park your car rental at the lot of the Orford Express, and then go for a ride on a delightful scenic railroad!

Popular Attractions to See and Visit

Mont-Bellevue Park is a large park located in Sherbrooke. The park was founded in 1954, being now a popular attraction for visitors who are willing to enjoy hiking or cycling adventures. Amenities include skiing, tennis and picnic sites. Walking paths and biking trails can be enjoyed by all visitors.

Marais Real D. Carbonneau is the place to visit if you want to relax into a natural spot of a scenery beauty. Here you will find impressive gardens, water gardens, but also picnic areas and walking trails.

Museum of Science and Nature is a beautiful museum located in Sherbrooke. Visitors arriving in this spot will have the possibility to learn everything there is to know about the history of the city through the wonderful exhibits and the fascinating displays here. Fine plant and animal specimens from southern Quebec are also hosted by the museum through one of its permanent exhibitions.

The Sherbrooke Fine Arts Museum hosts collections which include more than 2,500 art works. Most of the displays hosted by the museum include 19th century to present day art exhibits.

L'Olive Bleue is an excellent restaurant located in Sherbrooke. The food you will be able to taste here is so delicious that there is no way you will ever be disappointed. The staff is nice and friendly, while the atmosphere is always welcoming. Everything is perfect in this eatery.

Top depots in Sherbrooke
  • Budget Sherbrooke Car RentalBudget Sherbrooke - 4232 Bourque Boulevard, Sherbrooke, QC. J1N 1W7
  • Enterprise Fix Auto Sherbrooke Est Car RentalEnterprise Fix Auto Sherbrooke Est - 1300 King Est, Sherbrooke, QC. J1G1E4
  • Enterprise Sherbrooke Car RentalEnterprise Sherbrooke - 4638 Boul Bourque, Sherbrooke, QC. J1N2A8