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What Extra Charges Will I Pay When I Return My RV in Canada?

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When you return your RV, you will need to make sure you return the vehicle in the proper condition, with a full tank of fuel. If you fail to do so, you may have to pay extra charges. Here is a list of some of the other potential charges you could pay when you return your RV:

  • Late return fees: Generally, you will need to return your RV before 11am at depots in Canada. If you return your vehicle after this time, you could be subject to a late return fee. You could be charged an additional fee for each hour you are late.
  • A cleaning fee: If you have not cleaned the interior of the vehicle, you will be charged a cleaning fee. You also may be charged if you are found to have been smoking in the RV.
  • Dump charge: You will be charged if you have not fully emptied the holding tank before you return your vehicle. The grey water tanks must also be emptied.
  • Charge for fuel: You will need to fill both the fuel and propane tanks to avoid extra charges.
  • Transfer services: If you require a shuttle to a nearby airport (or other designated areas), you will have to pay the required fee. Make sure you arrive on time for the shuttle service.
  • Damage charges: If any equipment is missing or there is any damage to the vehicle, you could be responsible for the cost.
 For example:

When you return your RV . . . 

To avoid any extra charges at the depot, you will need to make sure you have cleaned the interior of the vehicle, including the benches, showers, cutlery etc. You will also need to empty the grey water and holding tanks, and fill the fuel and propane tanks.