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Need help with your car rental? Phone: 1888-463-8946
Need help with your car rental?
Phone: 1888-463-8946

Additional Charges

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If you were billed more than you were expecting to be charged, you may have been charged for a late return, fuel, damage or toll charges. We at VroomVroomVroom have compiled the most familiar car rental charges and how you can possibly avoid them.

Damage Charges

Always keep in mind that rental car companies check their cars once they are returned. Now, once they see any damage on the vehicle that wasn't there before, naturally they will charge you for it. Of course, it's trickier to be charged for damage you are not aware of, hence it is important to check the vehicle before driving it with some photos. Similarly, check it again and take new photos when you return the car.

Charge for Extra Days

You have to know and understand how car rental works in 24 hour periods. So assuming you book a car from 10am on one day until 10am the next day, it's yours only until 10am that next day. Otherwise, you may be charged for a full extra day.

How to avoid it: Naturally, you can avoid this to happen by sticking to the times and dates of your booking.

Admin Fees

Rentals charge administrative or processing fees for managing the damage, cleaning the car, refueling and more. Take note that these fees depend in price by company and what the fee is for. Now, if you think you have been charged unfairly, you may ask and call the company you booked the car and explain.

Refueling Fee

It's wort noting that once you book a car rental, you also sign up for its fuel policy. Obviously if your policy is "full to full", you will have to refill the tank before you return your car.

To avoid paying for fuel charges, simply stick to your policy and just make sure your return the car with a full tank.

Extra fees for young drivers

A lot of rental companies usually charge extra fees for young drivers under 25, although it varies by rental company. You can avoid charges for young drivers by making sure you read and understand the fine print as well as the rental terms and conditions before booking.

Toll Charges

Simply pay for any toll roads you use. A lot of toll roads have barriers or booths so you won't have problem paying. You can easily avoid toll charges by asking the rental counter staff on how the local tolls work when you collect your vehicle.

Read more about returning your rental car.

Obviously, you may not be able to find out about all the fees you'll be charged until you show up at the rental car counter. When you arrive at the rental office, read the fine print and be sure you understand all the charges. In addition to that, you may consider asking about some of these charges before signing your contract. Now, after you return your rental car, it is also recommended that you carefully examine your receipt to be sure you were not charged a fee by mistake.