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Havre Aux Maisons Airport is located in Havre Aux Maisons, Quebec, Canada. Havre Aux Maisons was settled in 1765 and is part of the Iles-de-la-Madeleine, which is an amalgam of a variety of communities, formed in 2001. The Havre Aux Maisons Airport is one of the most important air transport hubs in the region. There are numerous flights that come to the islands through the Havre Aux Maisons Airport, bringing in tourists from across the globe.

Top Attractions within Havre Aux Maisons Airport

The East Point National Wildlife Area can be visited in the region of the Havre Aux Maisons Airport. It is one of the few natural areas that have remained on the islands. The park can be taken through a walking tour in order to admire the sights and all the beautiful wildlife sceneries. You will get to see some local animal exemplars, as well as numerous plant species.

The Eva-Anne House is a beautiful historic mansion, which nowadays functions as an inn, located near the Havre Aux Maisons Airport. It can be the place where you will find the best accommodation and the atmosphere of the venue will be in perfect accordance with the rest of the services. The house is located near the beach area, which will enable you to have access to a variety of other interesting activities during your vacation.

The Chalets Camping and Mini-putt is another great place near the Havre Aux Maisons Airport, in which you can find accommodation, as well as recreation. You may choose to lodge here with a tent of an RV. Regardless, there are many spaces for all people to have a comfortable and fun experience. You can also play mini-golf in the venue near the Havre Aux Maisons Airport. Even if you reside here or not, you have the chance to play a fun game.

Restaurant La Maisonnee Des Iles provides the best meals in the Havre Aux Maisons Airport region. You can come to the restaurant as soon as you land on the Havre Aux Maisons Airport for an extravagant and lavish meal with your family.

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Havre Aux Maisons Airport,QuebecCanada
Top depots in Havre Aux Maisons Airport
  • Hertz Havre Aux Maisons A/P Car RentalHertz Havre Aux Maisons A/P - 210 Ch De L Aeroport, Havre Aux Maisons, QC. G4T 5L2