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St. Leonard is a borough of Montreal, located in Quebec, Canada. It was previously called St. Leonard de Port Maurice. In St. Leonard are many Italian-Canadian residents. St. Leonard has a population of approximately 71, 700 inhabitants. The spot is known for its many recreation and sports facilities and attractions.

Top Attractions within St. Leonard

The Saint-Léonard Aquatic Complex is a wonderful place where many people come to have fun and relax. The complex is great for families with kids that come here to recreate, but is also healthy. Here is also included a great turbo bath spa and saunas, for women and men. The admission price is reasonable. The place is very clean and ideal for relaxing.

Scores St. Leonard is a nice and cozy family restaurant, known for its delicious and fresh food, as well as relaxing atmosphere. The menu is great, various and there is one special for kids. The ingredients are all fresh and amazing, so is safe to eat here. Many people choose this restaurant in St. Leonard as they receive what they order, so are not disappointed. The specialities are soup, salads, ribs and fruits. The beverages are also delicious. Pricing is great and the staff is very nice and efficient. Quality, decent portions, as well as a warm atmosphere are the best things that people enjoy. Having a meal here is a wonderful and relaxing experience, so no one should forget about it.

St. Leonard Cavern is one of the most interesting spots in the area. A visit to this place is fascinating as tourists will find out many things about rock formation dating back 10,000 to 20,000 years. The tour is fantastic and will be a thrilling experience both for adults and kids. It is a must that tourists should not forget about.

St Leonard Car Rental
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Top depots in St Leonard
  • Enterprise St-Leonard Car RentalEnterprise St-Leonard - 7740 Rue Du Mans, Saint-Leonard, QC. H1S1Z9

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