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St. Georges Beauce is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec, with a total population of 31.173 residents, according to the 2011 census. The name of the parish and of the city, St. Georges Beauce is in homage to George Pozer, the fourth seigneur of Aubert-Gallion. St. Georges Beauce is home to one of the few inflatable dams, introduced to raise the water level of the Chaudiere River for water based activities and to make the riverside more attractive. Pedestrian bridges were also built over the river as part of the same project. Although it is small, St. Georges Beauce has many attractions in and around the area, as well as many accommodations and venues, where you can enjoy the local and the international cuisine.

Top Attractions Within St. Georges BeauceĀ 

Histoire de Bulles Savonnerie is the place in St. Georges Beauce, where you can learn more about the history and making of different kinds of soap. Visitors can take a tour of the place and see how natural soap is made and can even try some samples. The souvenir shop provides tourists with a wide range of soap and other washing products.

Restaurant Rock Cafe is a great venue in St. Georges Beauce, where you can enjoy some of the finest dishes, as well as some of the best cocktails and fine beverages. Although the venue is quite small, the ambiance is very friendly and the staff caters to the every need of the customers. The menu of this charmingĀ St. Georges Beauce restaurant is very diverse, ranging from exquisite and refined European cuisine, to spicy and exotic Asian ones.

La Table du Junior Restaurant is another great eating spot in St. Georges Beauce, where you can enjoy some of the finest dishes from the local and international cuisine. The main specialities are salmon with vegetable, creme brulee and a wide range of types of coffee. The menu is very diverse and it has a special section for children, that includes fries, pancakes, sandwiches and hamburgers. The venue has also got a fine selection of wines, brought from France and Italy.

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