*NOTE: The below is the Terms & Conditions for rental from Advantage in the United States

Advantage Terms & Conditions

The below T&Cs (including prices and taxes) are provided by Advantage and may change without notice to VroomVroomVroom.ca.

This quote includes:

  • all taxes, airport taxes and surcharges if applicable,
  • Stated mileage amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra mileage charges)
  • Vehicle Registration fee,
  • One way fees if applicable,
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking e.g. Vehicle drop fees, all recovery fees, premium location fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.

This quote will not include:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance (See next paragraph*)
  • Child seats or booster seats (can be purchased after confirmation for generally *$10 US per day with a maximum of *$60 US per rental).
  • Extra miles (if your rental has limited mileage, each additional mile over the limit will be charged at $0.25).
  • Any extras signed up for upon arrival, e.g. vehicle snow equipment GPS.
  • All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges.

* Important information about car rental insurance

For US citizens
Some US credit cards and personal car insurance policies do provide car rental insurance so please check with your credit card provider and personal auto insurance policy for details.

Visiting the US from another country
It is illegal to drive in the US without car insurance. Your travel insurance probably only covers the excess so check the fine print in your travel insurance policy.

For more information please see our U.S. car rental insurance guide.

See below for more Advantage Terms and Conditions

All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges. Prices below are exclusive of these as they vary state to state.

OR See Advantage for further details

Driver's License

An acceptable valid driver's license, issued from your country of residence, MUST be presented at time of rental. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. If the driver's license is in a language other than English, and the rental is in the United States, an International Driver's Permit is recommended. In all cases, a valid driver's license issued in your home country must be provided, whether or not you possess an International Driver's Permit. You will not be allowed to rent an Advantage vehicle with only an International Driver's Permit.

A third form of I. D. may be required on some vehicles. The third I. D. form can be any one of the following:

  • Acceptable charge card other than the one being used or a Debit Card for I. D. only
  • Airline ticket or boarding pass in the name of the renter arriving at the local airport within the last 24 hours or Return airline ticket in the name of the renter departing from the airport where the vehicle is being returned
  • Government Issued Picture I. D. (such as valid Passport, State Issued I.D., or Military I.D. with picture).
  • A current utility bill in the name and address of the renter (address on the bill presented must match the address on the driver's license). Utility bill payments reflected on the bill may not be past due.


If you are 25+ than there is no additional charge; if you are between the ages of 21-24 there is a $27-37
If you are to add an additional driver of 25+ than there will be a charge that is dependant of the location although if you are an AAA member there may be a discount given at the counter when picking up the car.


Acceptable Authorized Operators age 25 and older are automatically covered on the Rental Agreement.

Authorized Operators are:
- The employer, employee or fellow employee of renter on company business, (when booking includes company Corporate Discount Number).
- The renter's spouse for rentals that originate in California, Nevada or New York.
- The spouse (including partners in Vermont Civil Unions) or domestic partner of Advantage Number One Club, Number One Club Gold or Platinum members.
- Authorized Operators do not have to be present at time of rental.
- There are no fees for Authorized Operators.

Additional Drivers

- Authorized & Additional Authorized Operators

- Additional Authorized Operators

- In most cases only the renter of the vehicle is automatically autthorized to drive the vehicle.

- Other licenced drivers over the age of 21 may be signed on as an "Additional Authorized Operator" (AAO). AAOs must be present at the time of rental and must meet normal rental qualifications, such as presenting a credit card in their own name or a round-trip airline ticket, show valid driver's licence, and meet the minimum age of 21 (age differential charge applies for AAOs (age 21-24).

Additional Authorized Operators Fees

- USD $10.00 per day for each Additional Authorized Operator.

There is no charge in California for AAOs. In New York, Additional Authorized Operator charge is USD $3.00 per day for each AAO.


Advantage has three refueling options available to meet your needs:

You may purchase a tank of gas from Advantage at time of rental and return the vehicle with as little gas as you prefer. Please be aware that we are unable to issue a refund for unused fuel. However, this method eliminates the need for you to refuel the tank prior to returning.

You can let us refuel for you and only pay for the fuel required to replace the fuel you used, and for the service and convenience of refueling the tank.

You can stop and refuel the tank yourself, immediately prior to returning the vehicle.

Rental restrictions

Advantage cars may be driven into Canada but the following restrictions apply:

Rental location must be notified in advance so that the necessary paperwork can be included with the car.

Canadian Customs and Excise Regulations prohibit Canadian residents from driving U.S. rental vehicles in Canada and/or returning to the U.S. When a Canadian resident rents a U.S. car in the U.S. and drives into Canada, he/she must obtain a Traveler's Vehicle Permit from Canadian Customs, Form E50B. Then the renter must go directly to a Canadian Advantage location and exchange the U.S. car for a Canadian car within 24 hours. No one way rental fees are applied.

Residency is based on the primary renter.

Renters may only drive in Canada for 30 days unless extension is requested from Customs at the time of entry.

Advantage vehicles may not be driven into Mexico.

For those travelers who are accustomed to showing a driver's license and other forms of identification when traveling between Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States, the rules are about to change.

Effective midnight January 8, 2007, those traveling by air or sea between these destinations must have a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States. U.S. citizens traveling between the United States and it's territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa) will continue to be able to use established forms of identification to board flights and for entry.

Those driving between the United States and Canada and Mexico will not be required to present a valid passport at land border crossings until January 1, 2008.

The new requirements are part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), which is one element of a much larger bill, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.